Friday, January 24, 2014

TECHNIQUE #1. Black Liner


I used to be deathly scared of lining the inner rim of my eyes because I always thought it made me look even more tired and I didn't need another 'hundred people telling me my eye bags were huge. 

But a day off playing with makeup has actually changed my mind about it.

With proper concealing methods, lining the inner rims actually makes the best kind of difference to the eyes. Giving it a deeper more sultry gaze whilst defining the eyes and making it 'pop'.
You always want to make sure you line the top too, this makes the top lashes look extremely full and thick.

Always dry the inner rims of the eyes with a cotton tip before you apply liner, this really helps the product stick to the actual skin (rim) and helps it last so much longer. 
Make sure the under eye (bag) area is properly set with powder, this ensures that the oils from the  face makeup don't cause the liner to smear and smudge - prevent the liner from running down.
Look for a long wearing waterproof formula that is soft, this way you don't have to rub and tug your eye area, causing it any irritation.

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